Causes of pancytopenia y dogs and cats

Shawn Ann Kearns, DVM 
Patty Ewing, DVM, MS, DACVP
February 2006

Pancytopenia (i.e., a decrease in all circulating hematologic cell lines) can result from peripheral destruction of cells or a primary insult to the bone marrow. Many infectious, immunemediated, and neoplastic conditions have been associated with pancytopenia in dogs and cats. Bone marrow aspirates and/or core biopsy samples are generally required to fully characterize the marrow disease, especially in cases of decreased hematopoietic cell production. Understanding the mechanisms by which various disorders alter circulating blood or marrow cells may aid in developing a diagnostic and/or treatment plan.The prognosis in pancytopenic patients is variable and depends on the underlying cause.

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