Acute pancreatitis in dogs: a review article

I. Kalli, K. Adamama-Moraitou, T. S. Rallis
EJCAP - Vol. 19 - Issue 2 
October 2009

Canine acute pancreatitis is a relatively common disease, but it is often misdiagnosed. The most common causes of acute pancreatitis in dogs include malnutrition, drug administration, infection, trauma, refl ux of duodenum contents into the pancreatic duct and ischaemia. Idiopathic causes have also been encountered. The clinical signs of the disease are not specifi c and are often associated with a number of life-threatening, severe systemic complications. Despite the continuing new knowledge of pancreatic pathophysiology, the aetiopathogenesis of canine pancreatitis is still unclear and subsequently treatment is supportive.

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